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Duravit: Summer Showroom Launch Party – Event Photography

Duravit: Summer Showroom Launch Party
Author: Angela Delise
Photography: Josh Wong

A few hundred people crammed into Duravit’s NYC spacious showroom for their annual products showcase and launch party. While I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into when I learned that I would be shooting bathtubs and sinks, I quickly figured out that these tubs are not only luxurious and practical but true works of art. I certainly was not alone in my assertion because every guest in the showroom seemed to be taken by these beautiful bathtubs. I learned that the best photographers act like flies on the wall to get natural pictures of people interacting with the product. Capturing the essence of the space by alternating lenses also helps create versatility in the photographs and adds to capturing the drama of an event. This was a great experience witnessing event photography in action. Several days later when we returned to the showroom the atmosphere of the space was totally different. Now the room was completely empty and we focused on photographing the objects in a way that highlighted the designer’s vision. By taking images of entire structures and some close ups we were able to show viewers many aspects of Duravit’s one of a kind merchandise.

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