NYC Wedding Photographer and Fashion Photography studio Josh Wong Photography is based in New York City. Josh Wong Photography is a full-service production studio. The services offered include wedding photography, engagement photography, videography, photo albums, wedding album design services, photo booths, an editorial platform, content brand management, and much more.

Elie Saab Bride Wedding Dress by Josh Wong Photography
Elie Saab Bride Wedding Dress by Josh Wong Photography

New York Wedding Photographer and Fashion Photographer

Hi! My name is Josh Wong. I am a NYC Wedding Photographer and New York Fashion Photographer. Prior to my move to the Big Apple in 2007, I was a very traditional wedding photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was trained in a very classic style. As styles started to change throughout the years and the advent of better digital camera phones and technologies, I had to reinvent myself. To reinvent not just as a photographer but now as a photographic artist. So in 2007, I found myself in the creative and fashion capital of the world, New York City to immerse myself and hone my skill set as being the best of the best wedding photographer and to master the art fashion photography.

Fast forward to the present, I’m no longer your typical cookie-cutter wedding photographer. As a photo-artist, my love of real, raw, and organic moments hasn’t waned but am no longer into the cheesy wedding picture. I’ve become a renowned fashion photographer. My ability has grown and evolved so I now love merging the two styles to create moments and imagery that are intimate, edgy, high contrast, and editorial looking. This unique vision of mine is very high end and has attracted corporations and celebrities such as Victoria’s Secret, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. I pride myself in this special combination and is how I separate myself from the rest photographers out there. And there are many. 

Destination Wedding Photographer

I am a very well-traveled and renowned international and destination wedding photographer. Whether you are in Florida or California or in Tahiti, I have traveled to far, near and hard to reach places abroad. I’ve photographed weddings in places like Paris, London, Greece Santorini, Vienna Austria, Positano Amalfi Coast Italy, Maui Hawaii, Turks and Caicos, Saint Barts (Saint-Barthélemy Island), Tulum Mexico, Riviera Maya Mexico, and a few others places. Please contact me for information and pricing for destination weddings and travel.

San Francisco Wedding and Napa Valley Wedding Photography

Being a San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer is where my life as a professional wedding photographer started. I grew up and went to school during my early years here. I went to the Academy Of Art College School of Photography. So coming back to San Francisco to photograph weddings will always have a special part in my heart. Areas that I serve are San Francisco, The Bay Area, Napa Valley, Monterey, Carmel, Half Moon Bay, Mendocino County, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Big Sur, Pleasanton, East Bay, North Bay, and South Bay.