Engagement and Marriage Proposal at the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, New York City Wedding Photography – Josh Wong

Engagement and Marriage Proposal at the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park, New York City Wedding Photography – Josh Wong Photographer
July 9, 2011

Jeff contacted me a few months back asking to see if I could photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Stacey on the iconic Gapstow Bridge in Central Park without being seen. I said “Sure… I do it all the time.” But the twist was Jeff asked to see if I could remain unseen even after the proposal. “Hmmm…”. I do a fair amount of marriage proposals but this was the first request for me to remain hidden. Normally… after the proposal, the boyfriend will point me out and I would head over to introduce myself. Jeff wanted me to remain a secret because he had a special surprise in store for his parents and Stacey’s parents the following day which were photos of the proposal which he presented to them at Sarabeth’s. I actually urged Jeff that he should let Stacey know that I was there after the proposal so Stacey wouldn’t freak out, but after careful consideration and a consultation with Stacey’s sister, they both concluded that I should remain hidden and be kept a secret. So there it was. I was to remain hidden. To make this happen, the planning had to be precise as there are both technical and creative challenges. Jeff knew that it had to be either on or around Gapstow Bridge as that was one of Stacey’s favorite spots in Central Park. So Jeff and I met a couple of weeks ahead to determine possible spots. The result was that a proposal on the bridge itself was not a viable spot, because of the high walls and narrow paths. This, I feared would limit my freedom to roam around and Stacey would eventually spot me. Therefore, we ended up choosing the spot below with the bridge with the bridge itself being the backdrop (see below). It was perfect! The proposal went off without a hitch and Stacey had no clue I was there. The next day, they got two of my custom prints which were presented to their parents. Congratulations to Jeff and Stacey!

© Josh Wong Photography

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  1. Jeff says:

    Amazing photos Josh! You pulled off the surprise of staying hidden AND capturing some amazing pictures despite the challenge. Thank you so much for an amazing job.

    1. It was my pleasure.

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