Washington Square Park to Grand Central Station to Central Park Engagement Photos

Washington Square Park to Grand Central Station to Central Park Engagement Photos
Marissa and Ashish Engaged!
Photography: Josh Wong
June 25, 2012

Every person who lives in New York City knows that at any given moment, you could get deluged upon. I’ve lived here for over 5 years now and I guess I still haven’t learned my lesson. Neither has Marisa and Ashish who have been here even longer. Marisa got her hair and makeup done earlier in the day in preparation for our engagement photo shoot and got drenched within the first 10-15 minutes of our shoot at Washington Square Park. None of us had an umbrella so we, along with everyone else in the park, ran for cover underneath the Washington Arch as the freak storm passed overhead. It didn’t help as the rain not only came from above, it seemed to come sideways as well and therefore blasted everyone under the arch. Both Ashish and I tried to use our bodies to protect Marisa from the rain as much as possible but were unsuccessful. I eventually pulled out my reflector to use as a covering which actually provided quite a bit of protection. The storm lasted for about 20 minutes.

Marisa was such a great sport about what happened. She didn’t fret nor complain about getting wet and ruining her hair. If anything… I thought the wet chaotic hair made her look sexier. And I know Ashish would agree with this. So after the storm passed, something amazing actually happened. The sun came out and the entire park was completely empty allowing us to get some truly awesome shots at the fountain. That was definitely a rarity especially on a busy summer weekend.

After finishing up in the park, we decided to hit Grand Central as our second spot and then returned to finish our night session at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Despite the downpour, I had such a great time with Marisa and Ashish! Our eventful session is one to remember. Can’t wait to see what your wedding day brings! Congrats and I’ll see you two in a few months.

Below is the montage and my favorite shots of the day. Enjoy!

© Josh Wong Photography

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