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Farrah and Francisco Wedding – June 28, 2009

After weeks of wet, muggy rain, the happy couple, Farrah and Francisco woke to a gorgeous, sun-kissed, azure-skyed wedding day on Sunday. And what a glorious, emotional, kick-ass wedding it was! First off, I was super-excited that my amazing wife was able to cover this fun day with me. The day began at Farrah’s family home in Fresh Meadows, New York where Farrah dressed in her wedding finery. She wore a romantic, ivory satin ballgown with delicate lace trimming, an antique ivory lace veil, creamy ivory satin shoes which she had so diligently broken in for weeks, and dazzling platinum and diamond earrings. Then we dashed off to Francisco’s house, a mere 3 blocks away, to capture the groom and his bridal party in action. We found the groom on the second floor, dressed in a stylish, black tuxedo that suited his muscular, 6-foot frame perfectly. Francisco was the absolute picture of calm as he kicked back with his groomsmen and ring bearer.
As the ceremony time quickly approached, a shiny, 10-passenger limo arrived to whisk Francisco and his family to church. The wedding was held at the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Fresh Meadows, New York. Following the mass, Farrah and Francisco quickly posed for family and bridal photos and then we headed for the Woodlands mansion on the Oyster Bay Golf Course in Woodbury, New York. What a gorgeous venue this was, with the long, winding drive framed with tall, elegant, draping spruce trees that led to a circular driveway with a lovely fountain that was encircled with dainty, coral-red poppy flowers. The historic and stately mansion was like a sparkling jewel nestled on 120 acres of what the original owners called the “woodlands”. Farrah and Francisco arrived like royalty in a magnificent white Rolls Royce. They and their closest loved ones celebrated and danced the night away in the mansion’s wood-paneled, gold damask curtained, crystal chandelier-lit ballroom.

I would like to share with you some of my favorite images from this day. Enjoy!

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The Woodlands at Woodbury
The Woodlands at Woodbury


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