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Take 1 #NYFW


by: Tara Grosserode
photography by: Josh Wong

Whether I could barely move an inch without half my body being in a model’s glam session or the other half in Josie Natori’s first picture of the day, I yet again realized Josh Wong doesn’t do anything on a small scale as I was his lighting assistant at my first ever NYFW. An hour before Natori featured her evening wear collection, it was exhilarating to watch the runway and lighting perfected moments before the models received their final choreography. The energy naturally increased in the minutes following, and before I knew it, the room was being sprayed with copious amounts of perfume and attractive waiters were greeting the guests with champagne. I didn’t think the day could be any more fabulous, but next thing you know there’s a glass of bubbly in my hand while capturing the sleek detail of each model’s esthetic and Josie’s Asian inspired collection. Almost simultaneously as the champagne stopped flowing and the models delicately paraded backstage to take off their seemingly painful matching stilettos; the room was being recreated for the next wave of talents to capture an audience. I’m standing with the lighting pole soaking up the final moments of show to find Josh wedged into a back room editing his just-taken photos for Vogue. Career. Goals.

Josie Natori - NYFW SS16
Josie Natori - NYFW SS16
Josie Natori - NYFW SS16

The second day was just a ball. Naturally, Josh was shooting Olivia Holt for her NYFW spread for InStyle Magazine. She was simply the most delightful star to buzz through the madness of New York Fashion Week. The adventure first landed us at Rebecca Minkoff’s show where we casually passed backstage security so Olivia could meet with the designer. She was rocking head to toe. Rebecca was backed-up to models getting dressed in her masterpieces with five cameras in her face while effortlessly maintaining the coolest, calmest demeanor. With a swanky live band to set the ambiance, only the hippest of the hip in the industry filled the room. I somehow scored a second row seat to admire Mink’s chick hippie styles consume the runway and observe Josh go into his element to snag only the finest snapshots- anything is possible being in company with him!

Olivia Holt's first NYFW
Olivia Holt and Lindsey Vonn
Olivia Holt

During a two hour break between Minkoff’s and Siriano’s shows, I strolled to see the swarms of stylish city folk surround the area. Learning that street style grabs almost as much attention as the designer clothes themselves- I shamelessly made a b-line to critique my getup with black tassel booties and a panama hat; and boy was I happy with the change walking through the doors for Christian Siriano’s show. Backstage, confident celebrities chatted like old-friends, flawless models sat beneath their striking outfits, and I casually chatted with yahoo style personnel. For the final time, we went to the main stage area and this Nebraska girl was very thankful it was her third show! Controlled. Chaos. Photog after photog were pushing their way to snap pictures of celeb friends anxiously awaiting Siriano’s show. As I was tucked behind the photographers trying to stay out of the fire escape, I had a seamless view of Siriano’s stunningly trendy collection that left my jaw on the floor. His Moroccan-inspired minimalistic style shined with the movement and intricate details of the tassels, textures and pleats of his spring line.
I’m humbled to have been leisurely sipping on champagne taking far too many of the same shot at the Natori show, obsessing over Minkoff’s sweet rebellion vibes while being surrounded with social lights, drooling over Siriano’s unforgettable feather skirts, and being able to spend the day alongside a Disney Channel star. It was an up-close and personal insight to this inspiring, ever-changing world that allows us to express who we are through clothing. It takes every piece of the puzzle co-existing inside the show walls to give NYFW its glamour. The truly unmeasurable experience was assisting the person I look up to most in the industry! xo

NYFW with celebrity Olivia Holt
NYFW with celebrity Olivia Holt
NYFW with celebrity Olivia Holt

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