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My Summer Internship at Josh Wong Photography

My Summer Internship at Josh Wong Photography
by Angela D.

Careers, Jobs and Internships at Josh Wong Photography
Careers, Jobs and Internships at Josh Wong Photography
photo credit: Angela Bruno

It is a sad fact that summer has come to an end and fall is among us. As the hours of daylight are getting shorter and shorter I can’t help but reminisce about the amazing internship I had this summer at Josh Wong Photography.

It was a lot of work going from fashion shoots to weddings to engagement sessions and then product shoots with post-processing in between; sometimes we even did multiple shoots in one day! The days were long, shooting until 1 am and getting home at 3 am was pretty normal. This experience was absolutely unforgettable; I got to meet and know Josh’s awesome team and had a blast dancing with wedding guests at the Fashion Studio Booth.

I learned a tremendous amount about photography and how to work with people. Witnessing Josh’s keen eye and creativity working firsthand at each shoot will never be forgotten.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to have learned from one of the best and I am excited to go to more events and continue working with Josh and the team in the future.

Josh holds exclusive photography internships every few summers. You’ll be immersed in his world, shooting at some of the most beautiful places and getting access to some of the most exclusive circles. Most importantly, you’ll see the way he photographs and pick Josh’s brain and see why he’s the best at what he does.  It’s a tough schedule but is extremely rewarding so when the next one is available, don’t hesitate to apply. You won’t be disappointed and you may see me around.

Have a great Fall and I’ll see you around.

Want to apply for Josh’s Summer Internships? Check his detailed page on how to apply here:

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