Indian Jewish Wedding – Komal and Lowell Wedding Photos at the Kapoor Farm

Multicultural Hindu Indian and Jewish Wedding – Komal and Lowell Wedding Photos at the Kapoor Farm
Pennington, New Jersey
June 4, 2010

June is typically my busiest month of every year and this year was no exception. With a slew of upcoming weddings, this wedding in particular was a real treat and a highlight. Komal and Lowell’s wedding was a combination Indian and Jewish multicultural wedding. The setting was at the Kapoor Farm, a private farm in Pennington, New Jersey about an hour west of New York City. The theme colors which comprised of oranges, reds, yellows and golds lended to stunning imagery and were great for photo taking. Indian Weddings and their ceremonial traditions are absolutely dazzling. Bundled together with a Jewish ceremony….. well….. Just watching Lowell breaking the glass wearing a Sherwani is a sight remembered. The farm itself was in perfect condition, thanks to Komal’s dad who spent hours on end in the waking mornings leading up to the wedding spraying the farm land so that the guests wouldn’t be eaten alive by the mosquitoes and other creepy crawly critters. Not one mosquito was found. In fact, I don’t recall seeing any type of flying insect. The combination of Jewish music and Indian music provided for great entertainment for the guest to dance the night away. All these unique touches made my job as a wedding photographer a breeze. Thanks Komal and Lowell and Congratulations! Enjoy!

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