Anand’s Surprise Wedding Proposal to Nilam in Central Park


Anand’s Surprise Wedding Proposal to Nilam in Central Park
September 18, 2010

It is so thrilling every time I’m asked to photograph any real marriage proposals. They are so much fun and such a privilege to be a part of such a special moment. The expressions are priceless and I love capturing these unique moments in peoples lives. Highly recommended for you guys out there who are thinking of proposing.

Anand, a gastroenterologist, who currently lives in Boston, contacted me a few weeks ago wanting to see if I could photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Nilam, an ER physician, in Central Park while they were here for the weekend. Naturally I said “yes”. So a week before the proposal, Anand came to meet me in New York City while Nilam was away at a medical conference. I took him through Central Park and we hashed out a plan. We visited several ideal places in the park and came up with Plan A and Plan B locations. We also discussed where he would stand and kneel down and where I would be doing my ninja thing so that I would have the best possible angles and the best light. Here are my favorite images of the day! Enjoy!

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