A Fall Engagement Photo Shoot at Sunset Crest Manor, Chantilly, Virginia | Becky and Phillip Engaged!

A Fall Engagement Photo Shoot at Sunset Crest Manor
Becky and Phillip Engaged!
Location: Sunset Crest Manor – www.sunsetcrestmanor.com

This past fall I had the opportunity to head down to Sunset Crest Manor in Chantilly, Virginia for an engagement photo shoot with Becky and Phillip. While there are so many amazing local photographers in the area I was completely honored when they wanted me to come down to Virginia and inject a little of my edgy New York style into their photos. What I didn’t realize was how beautiful this place was during the sunset hours. Because of the fallen leaves and the golden sun beaming through the bare branches, it provided a kind light that most photographers dream of. As a result,  I ended up shooting mostly with natural light, going back to the days as a natural light photographer.

So how did I bring the edginess into this photo shoot? Well… A Ducati and a red flowing dress was all I needed. Enjoy! See you two at the wedding! I can’t wait!

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